Best BGMI Sensitivity Code For Android & iOS (Simply Copy & Paste) 2023

Best BGMI Sensitivity Code for Zero Recoil: When BGMI came to India after almost 10 months, players were searching for the best BGMI sensitivity code to enhance their gameplay and take down opponents. If you need a sensitivity code, you’re in the right place. Today, in this article, I will provide you with BGMI sensitivity codes that you can simply copy and paste into your Android and iOS devices.

As we know, the BGMI 2.5 update brought changes to maps, vehicles, weapons, and more. Players are looking for the right sensitivity code because it is a crucial setting in the in-game settings that allows players to improve their BGMI gameplay.

Finding the right and correct sensitivity code for BGMI can be a bit difficult as these sensitivity settings vary from player to player and also from device to device. However, I will provide the perfect BGMI Zero Recoil sensitivity code that will enhance your gameplay.

What is the Sensitivity Settings Code in BGMI?

BGMI sensitivity settings code refers to the customization options that allow players to adjust game controls according to their convenience.

These sensitivity settings include Zero Recoil gyroscope, aiming, camera, Ads and other in-game actions. By adjusting the sensitivity settings, players can easily take down their enemies and achieve maximum kills to improve their KD ratio and become pro players in BGMI.

The sensitivity code that I will provide here will help you configure the settings correctly, providing optimal control and accuracy.

Moreover, many pro players like Jonathan, Carry Minati, Scout, and many others use this sensitivity code to enjoy the gameplay and defeat their enemies.

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Best BGMI Sensitivity Code (Copy and Paste)

Sensitivity codes are easy and quick ways to set new configuration settings for BGMI instead of changing them manually one by one. They save you time and headaches. If you know any pro BGMI players, you can ask them to send you the sensitivity codes, or you can use the codes provided below to set new settings in your BGMI game and eliminate maximum enemies.

Here are the two best BGMI zero recoil sensitivity codes.

To use these codes, simply click on the “Show Hidden Sensitivity Code” button, and the code will be copied.

You can use these BGMI sensitivity codes to improve your BGMI gameplay. And if you don’t know how to use these codes and where to enter them, here are some simple steps to guide you:

How Do I Use BGMI Sensitivity Code?

Step 1 – Open your BGMI game on your device.

Step 2 – Click on the small upward arrow located at the bottom right corner.

click little upward arrow

Step 3 – Go to the “Settings” options.

click settings options

Step 4 – Look for the “Sensitivity” option and click on it.

click on sensitivity

Step 5 – Navigate to the “search icon” located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

click on search icon

Step 6 – Copy the “sensitivity code” that I provide above.

Step 7 – Paste the sensitivity code into the search method box that you can see on your screen, and click on “Preview” button. If one code doesn’t work, copy another one and try again.

enter sensitivity code in the search method

Step 8 – Now, you will see all the changes in the settings. Click on “Use Layout” and start playing the game.

click use layout

Note: You can adjust the sensitivity as per your preference.

That’s it, you have successfully applied the BGMI sensitivity code. You can enjoy BGMI gameplay.


I hope this article helped you to understand everything about BGMI sensitivity code settings and get the best BGMI sensitivity code for BGMI with Gyroscope. We’ll update this code in the future if we find better BGMI settings, so stay tuned with us. You can join our Telegram channel to receive all updates related to the BGMI game. Additionally, you can visit our site If you have any questions related to BGMI sensitivity code, feel free to ask in the comment box.


What is BGMI Sensitivity Code?

A BGMI sensitivity code is a settings code for BGMI sensitivity that changes all settings for Camera Sensitivity, ADS Gyroscope Sensitivity, Gyroscope Sensitivity, and ADS sensitivity in one click.

How can I use BGMI sensitivity code?

To use the BGMI sensitivity code, first open your BGMI game > Tap on the little upward arrow in the bottom right corner > Click on Settings > Sensitivity > Find the Search Methods option in the bottom right corner > Paste or enter the Sensitivity Code.

What is the Best BGMI sensitivity for 6X and 8X scope?

The best BGMI Sensitivity for zero recoil with a 6X scope is between 140% and a maximum of 150% for perfect 6x scope spray, while for 8X spray, it should be between 100% and a maximum of 110% for perfect 8x scope spray.

Where can I find the best BGMI sensitivity code?

You can find the best BGMI sensitivity code on our website

How can I achieve zero recoil in BGMI?

Practice makes perfect, so if you want zero recoil in BGMI, then practice for no more than 20 minutes every day.

Can I get Jonathan’s Sensitivity code?

I’m not sure what sensitivity code Jonathan uses, but there are rumors that his sensitivity code is 7120-0815-5403-4938-964. So, you can try using this code to play BGMI and check if it provides better results or not.

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