Why 90FPS Is Not Working on BGMI 2.5 Update | Here’s the Reason

Are you not getting the 90FPS option, or is it not working in the latest BGMI 2.5 update? Don’t worry, you will learn everything about the exact problem and how you can fix it.

Hello BGMI Fans! India’s heartbeat, BGMI, is back, and the latest version of BGMI 2.5 is now available for both Android and iOS users starting from May 29, 2023. Additionally, the BGMI server is working perfectly, which means you can log in through your social media account to explore the new world of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Why 90FPS Is Not Working on BGMI 2.5 Update

The BGMI 2.5 update is now available for Android and iOS users, but some users are facing a problem with 90FPS. This option is not working in the latest BGMI 2.5 update on supported devices.

The BGMI game publisher, Krafton, has already acknowledged this issue and stated that currently, Android devices do not support 90FPS, and it may take some time to fix this problem. They have also mentioned that the developers are working on optimizing the game for 90FPS. However, users will have to wait for the next update of BGMI.

Apart from this issue, Krafton has also shared another problem related to sharing in-game achievements on Facebook and inviting other players in the game, which has been temporarily disabled.

As we know, BGMI game has returned to India after almost 10 months, and the Indian Government has lifted the ban on this game for a certain period of time. That’s why BGMI wants to avoid any mistakes.

These two issues are not significant and may take approximately one week to resolve. So, wait for the next BGMI update. After that, these problems will be resolved.

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BGMI 2.5 Update is Here

India’s Battlegrounds Mobile India game is back and available for download on Android and iOS, with the server working perfectly. You will notice numerous changes in the India ki Heartbeat BGMI game. Here are some changes that you will get with the latest version of BGMI 2.5:

  • The all-new Nusa Map
  • Play & Win (Amazing Permanent Rewards)
  • Explore New Places
  • A Brand New Season
  • Next Level of Adventure (Zipline Through the Battlegrounds)
  • Blast Your Way to Glory
  • Action Packed with Awesome Vehicles.

These are some minor changes with the BGMI 2.5 updated game.


That concludes the discussion on why 90FPS is not working on the BGMI 2.5 update. If you want this option enabled again, you will need to wait for a few days.

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